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The Wedding Wisdom Team

Hazel Anderson

Weddign wisdom the original wedding course for brides hazel anderson pictureThe Millennium saw me emigrate to North America where using all my previous experience and knowledge I created and established a thriving Destination Wedding Planning Company. At times intense, often exhausting(with up to four weddings every week) but without doubt extremely rewarding. On another level I also found it very spiritual and an uplifting reminder of love every time I witnessed vows being exchanged. Surrounded by the emotions of a couple committing their lives to one another is a powerful sight which can ( and sometimes did ) reduce me to tears................. (BIG SIGH)

OK that's enough of the hearts and tears stuff lets get grounded, and practical with the unique WEDDING WISDOM course so I can share all my wedding planning experience (634 weddings to be precise) with brides to be in the United Kingdom. Let's work out what is important and what is not, let's cut to the chase share the options and look at the 'full picture' in nice easy steps so you can make informed decisions and choices for YOUR wedding without the stress.

I love my two cats, two children, new grandson and husband. Perhaps not quite the right order? My first wedding was 'traditional' my second was not with a big lilac castle for my wedding cake, turrets and all. My favourite vacation place of all time is Tahiti ( perfect for honeymoons) and given the chance I would attend a live theatre production every night!

Planning your own wedding should be more fun than frustrating.It's easy when you know how so get in touch to reserve your "spot".

I look forward to meeting you and getting the chance to talk about WEDDINGS WEDDINGS AND WEDDINGS!

Lindsey Wilkinson

wedding wisdom the original wedding course for brides lindsey wilkinson pictureA corporate event planner and trainer by trade Lindsey is delighted to be jumping onboard with Wedding Wisdom to introduce the world of weddings to Brides To Be.

Lindsey is a native to the North East of England and comes to us complete with Geordie Accent. She graduated from University College London UK in Ancient World Studies. Since leaving university Lindsey has worked all over the globe as an events organizer and trainer. Working for companies such as Oracle, Ford, Chrysler, Vodafone and many more. Lindsey has designed and facilitated events for groups ranging from 25 people to groups in their tens of thousands. Having been married for six years and just put her first foot on the property ladder she is learning new skills like curtain making all the time! Being closely involved in the wedding industry, Lindsey's partnership with Wedding Wisdom was only a matter of time.

Lindsey is highly professional and motivated but also brings a very fun an quirky atmosphere to the team. This is not surprising coming from someone who walked down the isle at her own wedding in a black and hot pink dress to the theme from Star Trek! She truly understands how to make make your wedding day unique to you.

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