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Can your much loved family pet be part of the wedding day?


wedding wisdom wedding puppy pictureOf course! Why not? As long as your location,venue and JP/Officiant know and have ok' d your plans it makes a wonderful addition to the proceedings. Of course if you choose a church wedding it may not be quite as appropriate during a long Mass however there is always a way around if you really want to have "patch" part of your celebrations as he could accompany you for outdoor photographs after the ceremony itself.


There are some wild and wonderful outfits you can buy for your pet to look his best for the occasion. The most common I have experienced is the family pet being the "ring bearer" with a special ribbon around his neck. I've even seen a pug dog in his Tux acting as best man, very grand he looked too!. The only thing to remember with the "cute pet outfit" is that they must not upstage the bride!!


It goes without saying but I'm going to anyway that a "designated person" in your family or guests who knows your pet very well must be in complete charge with a lead,water,snacks and plastic bags! Last but not least when we talk about the family pet it's really the family dog, you may love your cat very much but trying to incorporate a cat into a ceremony is almost impossible (if you are a cat owner you will be laughing by now at the thought) and if the family pet is a Guinea pig well that's just too weird!!

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