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For Richer For Poorer


Wedding wisdom money imageSo now we have shown everyone the ring, announced the intending wedding, dreamed about a three or even four tier wedding cake, read every bridal magazine from cover to cover and researched every destination wedding place mentioned in those bridal magazines its time to think about adding together those pounds and pence and talk about having a spending strategy to match your expectations.

At the risk of repeating myself I will just say again a beautiful wedding is possible with any amount of money but you both must be in agreement on your wants and needs. This is what I suggest. Sit down together quietly and write down independently a wish list. Fingers crossed it comes out fairly close but if it doesn't and the bride would like to invite 200 guests and have a six bridesmaids and the groom wants only close family members and use the savings for a round the world honeymoon there will have to be a lot of talking and compromising.

In truth I have never met a bride and groom who are as far apart as this example, the compromises are a lot smaller on both sides and if the couple truly love each other it's a fairly easy process to give and take. Once your wish list is roughly set a little homework to estimate on all your items will quickly add up and you can see if your wish list is realistic or a rethink is needed.

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