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Wedding Colour Palettes - The Colour Green?


Weddng wisdom green dress imageOooooh ,the wonderful calming colour green which is associated with the earth and all things natural . Have you noticed your dentist may well have green walls for the calming effect it has? The colour green is especially suited to outdoor weddings.

I have noticed a trend in the past few years where bright apple green and lime green actual flowers are mixed in with various shades of green leaves for the bridal bouquet and it looks fabulous for a spring or summer wedding.

If your wedding is in winter and you love the colour green take the shade down to a much darker version like emerald or olive and mix with a bright accent like red or orange. Neutral combinations of cream and chocolate brown both tone in beautifully with the colour green.

Remember bridesmaids bouquets do not have to be a miniature replica of the brides bouquet, mix and match with the same colour theme.......go on be bold, at least entertain the thought and investigate the possibilities!

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