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How Can I Make My Wedding Eco Friendly?


wedding wisdom eco dress imageThere is so much talk of going "green" and organic products out there it seems to make total sense for a bride and groom to ask how to weave an Eco friendly theme into their wedding day. REDUCE REUSE AND RECYCLE are the key words with an Eco wedding. Here are a couple of suggestions;

Choose flowers that are in season and locally grown (not exotic imported blooms).

2. Choose food for your reception that is organically and locally produced (within a a 30 mile radius if possible)

3. Ask your venue /caterer not to use anything plastic or disposable.

4. Buy carbon credits that offset the energy used by your guests to travel to your wedding. This will help fund clean energy projects.

5. Use recycled paper for your invitations and printed matter

6. Use soy based inks.

7. Favours could be either seeds, or a donation to a green charity of your choice.

8. Consider recycled gold for your wedding bands. Better yet you may be lucky to have lots of family gold donated ,melted and redesigned.

9. Look for diamonds that are mined without conflict.

10. Finally this one may be more difficult and pushes the envelope out too much but find a wedding dress that has another life after the wedding either by selling or a dress maker can alter for more wear.

My personal take on all this is a great idea in theory and if it is a simple choice between a green and non green option it's easy. However it may be an economic choice with limited funds and I know many brides where it would be sacrilege to sell their dress or chop the bottom off for further wear so perhaps the best way forward is to choose a 'green' version if you can ,one or two is better than none!!

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