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Flowers in Springtime


wedding wisdom sping flowers boquet pictureI have to admit spring is my favourite season as to me it's a big wake up to the promise of a long hot summer. We don't always get that long hot summer but the smell of cut grass and the lighter, longer and warmer days make me happy.

Traditionally in the UK it is also the start of the "Wedding Season" and as soon I see the daffodils growing on the country lanes I know its time to think weddings. Always listen carefully to advice from your chosen florist when different flowers come into season, the experts know what to suggest. I must admit I do have a flower which always impresses me but has a very short season.

It starts now (late April and finishes in June) but if this coincides with your wedding dates please have a look at Peonies. I think they look beautiful in a bouquet ,they have many layers of petals which give the bouquet a really full look and come in mainly shades of white, pink, peach and red.

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