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Unwanted Guests (Children) at a Wedding


wedding wisdoms childrens at wedding pictureLittle darlings that children can be there are many brides and grooms who do not wish to have them present on their wedding day. Aghast as many guests who are parents may feel about this often they think 'but they surely do not mean us", well I'm afraid they do!

Wedding etiquette is such that if the names of the children are not included on the invitation then they are not invited. The bride and groom wish for an all adult wedding which is a choice they have jointly made after much discussion I am sure.

If you are bride or groom reading this and this is happening to you and suspect that family members or friends may turn up with their children regardless of the information on the invitation then give this a try. Casually call and let them know that several guests have mentioned bringing their children and as much as you would love to invite all and sundry (probably not those exact words) you just can not.

If you are a guest reading this and are just bewildered that this occasion will be without your beloved children then either say you can not go or a more practical solution and a common sense one would be to hire a sitter (from an agency if you have to ) put your glad rags on and attend a grown up only celebration!

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