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Where to Start?


wedding wisdoms itenerary pictureWhere to start when it comes to planning a wedding? That is a good question! Well, you have had a cup of coffee or tea, you have your pen and paper ready to make notes and now you are looking at a blank piece of paper your mind going in all directions and not knowing exactly how to start the process.

If I am describing how you feel please know that this is the hardest part and once you get going its like being on a train journey,you gather momentum as you move along. Here are some questions to ask yourself and your partner to get you started. Do you know which season or month you would like to be married? Do you know how many guests you would like to invite? Have you a venue in mind? How much time will you have leading up to the wedding? Do you have an idea of your budget that you are comfortable with? Do you want a religious or civil ceremony? (If the answer is religious you normally book your place of worship before anything else) Have you a favourite colour or theme? Do you want to stay close to "home" or prefer the idea of a destination wedding?

OK, I think that's enough questions to start with, the main thrust is that you talk to your partner and find out exactly what each other is thinking. Of course we talk to each other about our wedding plans I hear you say! Yes, I'm sure you do but I have experienced a situation where on the morning of his wedding the groom, who wanted nothing to do with planning or decision making process, did not like the colour of the flowers that the bride had chosen!!!! Really!! Ok enough said. Communication is the magic word!

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