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Your Vows


wedding wisdom vows ring pictureAfter all said and done, colour theme, bridesmaids, flowers, menu etc etc etc at the centre of the storm are the vows. Many brides get carried away on a swirl of frenzied excitement which of course is perfectly acceptable after all it is their wedding; but I can honestly say most brides and grooms I worked with do not have the words they will say publicly exchange to each other at the top of their list.

So if you are reading this because you are planning your wedding and have not given much thought yet to your vows lets think about your vows right now. The promises or vows you make to each other is really the main event, let me liken it to your wedding cake the rest is simply the icing on it! Years ago there was little choice to standard words in either a religious or a civil marriage but changing attitudes and interfaith unions have allowed a more flexible approach in most cases.

Your Pastor/priest/officient/yourselves and your readers will all have speaking parts in your important day. To me, sincere words from the heart is all you need. To help you more along these lines watch put for further blog's on 'YOUR VOWS".

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