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Practical Wedding Tips On Alcohol


wedding wisdom guides for brides alcohol tips pictureYes, I know the tradition of clinking glasses and bubbly champagne are all associated with celebration but I have witnessed a few weddings when the misuse of alcohol did not enhance the proceeding; quite the reverse it impaired it hugely and spoilt the day for quite a few people. There is so much information out there telling you 'what to do' but rarely 'what not to do. So with that in mind here is my 'what not to do' pointers concerning the drinking of alcohol and weddings!


Show some restraint or better still just don't do it. Have your hen or stag party well away from the wedding date and try to have a fairly relaxing night in the company of your best friends and /or family members? Believe me it is not a pretty sight when I had to hold the hair back of a bride while she vomited down the toilet during her hair and make up appointment a few hours before her wedding. All because she over indulged the night before. It was a very large wedding over 100 guests and she lost out forever on her big day because she had a hangover which was totally self inflicted. Bridesmaids pay attention this is where you should be protecting the bride not encouraging her to have another glass of wine!

Along the same theme, grooms and friends be careful you do not get too boisterous the night before. I really have had to collect a groom from jail on the morning of his wedding on a drunk and disorderly charge following a tearful phone call from his bride. Although it makes a good story at the reception and in later years it is really heartbreaking especially for the bride. There is enough stress associated with a wedding without having to explain to the police officer in charge' yes he really is getting married in a few hours time'. Again, groomsmen take note you are there to protect the groom not make life more difficult!


Without sounding a bit 'holier than thou' (as I really appreciate a good glass of wine or bubbly at the right time) drinking before the ceremony is walking on a fine line. One small drink to calm the nerves would be no problem if taken a good hour before the ceremony but anything more than that could be disastrous. One of my brides I will never forget managed to drink almost a whole bottle of bubbly on her own before I got to her room to deliver her flowers , etc. She was very nervous and I guess just got carried away. The next hour was a frantic run around for me getting black coffee into her and walking her around to try and sober her up. I managed to postpone the ceremony for a little while until she could walk in a straight line. Yikes !! That was a close shave as the person who marries you has the discretion to stop the ceremony if they believe that either the bride or groom is under the influence.


Simple message from me, just dont allow it. Drunken friends however well meaning talking on an open mike section is never a good idea!

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