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When Children are Your Guests


wedding wisdom white flower imageWe have already touched on a "child free" wedding in one of my previous blog's but now I want to turn my attention to the huge family wedding receptions that may have 50 children or more attending. Of course we all love the little cutie's who behave well and steal the show, but what about if they steal the show for another reason ie temper tantrums or rude behaviour? Not so good . I have seen many ways that the children at the reception can be kept entertained and therefore happy on such a big occasion. It's not a big secret on how to do it ,just a common a common sense approach seen through the eyes of a child. So if you are having the big wedding with all the children in attendance you have to read this list and act on at least one or all of them to keep everybody happy!

Provide a quiet area so that Mum and Dad can put small children to sleep and pick them up when they go.

Employ a babysitter or nanny to supervise.

Hire an entertainer to keep them amused.( Clown/magic/balloon twister)

Bring a TV and DVD to show cartoons and movies.

Have a designated table set up for crayons, markers. colouring books,crafts.

Give the older children a 'job' e.g. going around the room taking photographs with a disposal camera.

Provide children friendly food at the reception and possibly consider serving the children in a separate room.

That should do it!!

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