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Does it have to be white?


wedding wisdom balc wedding dress pictureDoes it have to be white? We all seem to associate weddings with the colour white and with good reason as all the songs and the wedding magazines promote the "White Wedding" "look" to the bride. Of course the colour white is associated with purity and if this is your dream the white wedding theme can be made beautiful but remember there are other options. One of the most glorious brides I have ever seen was married in red with groom and bridal party in tartan kilts complete with bagpiper.

I have also experienced brides wearing off white decorated with black lace and a black dress decorated with bright pink.Very striking! Of course the personality of the bride has to be able to carry the dress off with complete confidence with different look .Why not? Its personal and there is nothing so personal as how you want to look on your wedding day.

The fact is whatever you choose should be what you want so if it's your time to choose a wedding gown keep the doors open on all your options. It's your wedding!

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