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Do I Have to Toss My Bouquet?


wedding wisdom bouqet pictureNo, of course not if you do not want to. I have to say in the hundreds of weddings I organized only a small percentage included the bouquet tossing thing. All the single women are supposed to line up and the person who catches the bouquet it is the next to marry.

Great fun if you have friends who are willing to join in and you are willing to lose your wedding bouquet. I really think it is more associated with a Hollywood movie version than in real life. However if this is something you would like to do a suggestion would be to have a miniature of your bouquet made up to throw out.

Better still have a new twist on this age old tradition and have 'good luck' small packages thrown out to all your guests for the fun of catching. The "good luck" present could be anything small i.e. a lottery ticket or gift certificate for the movies or a coffee shop. That will really spread some good karma and enjoyment around.

Your bouquet can then be kept,perhaps pressing a single bloom into your photograph album or giving it to someone close and who helped you enormously throughout all your planning.

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