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A Close Shave


Weddng-Wisdom-Guide-for-Brides-Weddign-fax machinePamela and Michael first met each other when they were barely out of their teens.They had a short romance,split up and went their separate ways for almost a decade. They bumped into each other again after some “growing up” (their words not mine) the light dawned that they were meant to be together.

I was just watching “When Harry met Sally” again last night, a common theme it seems for happiness.

Anyway the long and short of this story is Michael had lost his divorce certificate. Not too much of a problem. You can apply to the court for a copy, but it takes time. Now we were three days before the wedding and the certificate was not through yet!!!

The couple flew to Canada with fingers crossed that the certificate would be faxed over by the court in time for the wedding. Just to compound everything they had just found out the previous week they were expecting a baby. More pressure.......

I must have checked the fax machine almost every half hour. Still not there. I was getting quite concerned the day before the wedding and still no sign of it. I started to formulate a ‘mock wedding scenario’,and they would have to have the real wedding when they returned home. Oh dear what a waste. Just when I was about to give up and put plan B into action the fax sprung into action with its strange gurgling noise. Thank goodness, talk about in the nick of time????

This was a happy ending however, it really was too close for comfort, and added extra stress for everyone unnecessarily.

The moral of this story is..... put your important legal documents like birth certificates licenses etc somewhere VERY safe. You may think you never want to see a divorce document again, but when you meet, fall in love and want to get married again you will need it!!

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