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A Favourite Reading of Mine


Weddng-Wisdom Guide for Brides Weddign Rings PictureThis is another favourite reading or poem of mine. I always think the words apply not only to the wedding day itself but throughout a marraige to act as a reminder of how to communicate and respect our partners.


By Unknown

Your task is to talk, to listen and to grow; To talk, because one must share of oneself to communicate with the other; To listen, because what the other has to say matters deeply; To grow in dignity, each following along the paths that are his or her own to follow, Becoming all that each is capable of becoming, while giving the other supporting love. To grow in love; this is the crown of marriage, To grow in the love of life, the love of growth, and the love of becoming; The love which gives courage, Which does not cling, but bestows freedom, Which does not hold back but makes bold for growth, Which stands fast in disappointment and sorrow, Which endures through frustration and pettiness, Which seeks to keep the relationship open; And which is confirmed by answering love. You have set yourselves on this road, You have chosen to walk it together Thus you will make a marriage.

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