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Chart Topper Wedding Series - #1


Weddng-Wisdom-Guide-for-Brides-Bear PictureA little bit like the music charts, some weddings just a have a special place in my memory and worth sharing. The following wedding stories are ones which have stuck with me for as many reasons as there are emotions. Happy,sad,nervous, grumpy,organized, know what I am taking about so here is the first of of my ‘Chart Topper Weddings’.


Now this story is probably not what you may think it is when first reading the title. When I say wild I do not mean wild parties or wild dancing or wild behaviour (although I have witnessed those too)but wild in the true sense of the word. Wild animals! Outdoor weddings in the glorious mountains of Western Canada during Summer are popular. Of course the wildlife is there all the time but we rarely do we see them. This wedding was different. the location of the ceremony was by a beautiful lake surrounded by the majestic Rockies.

The first sighting was a mountain sheep, which seemed to know it had to ‘pose’ for a photograph for the bride and the father of the bride as they approached their family and friends.

The second was a bear, thankfully not close, but spotted on the other side of the lake where we were standing during the ceremony. It was just minding its own business hunting for berries. What a treat to observe it undisturbed.

The third sighting was an Osprey diving in to the lake to catch a fish successfully just after the ceremony. What amazed me about the catch was it was such an enormous fish, much bigger than the bird. A false move would bring the Osprey down and probably drown. Life and death situation for both parties. As the Osprey was flying away with his catch he was turning the fish around in his claws from being sideways to facing forwards, presumably less air resistance to the flight . I had never seen that before, and by the oh’s and ah’s of all the wedding guests they hadn’t either.

What a gift from mother nature for this couple. A reminder that some events can not be planned, and others money can not buy!

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