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wedding wisdom guide for brides chair picture. JOY AND SADNESS CONNECTED WITH WEDDINGS

This is a famous song from the “LES MISERABLES” operetta.It has recently been made into a movie soon to be released, staring Anne Hathaway. If you have not heard it before it is quite an emotional song about death and missing colleagues. A hauntingly beautiful production. One of my favourites. I have been lucky enough to see it twice. London and New York and cried at them both!

Anyway, the next story reminds me of this song. Although a wedding is an amazing celebration, full of joy at the union of two people stepping out together on their journey in life, there can be a sadness present, all be it hiddedn, if a parent or relation of a young bride or groom has passed.

I have been asked on quite a few occasions to have a corsage made up and placed in an empty chair or a single rose to be placed in a strategic position on the head table in remembrance of the deceased parent.

Even now I feel upset writing this down as I rewind in my head seeing the faces of the brides and grooms again as they recount how they have lost their mother or father. The loss often fairly recent, and the bride or groom desperate for the loved one to be included and honored in some way on their wedding day.

If this is describing you and you have lost a loved one who should have pride of place on your wedding day, ask for a single rose or a stem of their favourite flower to be incorporated somewhere in your ceremony (your bouquet) or in a small vase at your table.

Another reminder that life is short, unpredictable and happiness and love are essential.

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