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How to Have the Best Possible Wedding


wedding wisdom guide for brides best possible wedding pictureRegardless of what happens in world politics and the world economy some things never change; children are born, couples meet and fall in love, weddings take place and everyone enjoys a spectacular celebration.

If I was in a corner and pushed to give out 10 pieces of wedding advice on how to have the best possible wedding I would let the bride and groom into my world and offer the following wedding wisdom.

EAT BREAKFAST: on the morning of your wedding.You may not get a chance to eat again until much later in the day. (Yes, I've had a bride and a groom faint on me due to lack of food and excitement)

EXPERIENCED PEOPLE: such as your DJ and MC who can read a room quickly and act accordingly are essential.

TAKE IT ALL IN: smell your bouquet, look around, listen carefully to the noises that surround you especially just before the ceremony starts. I used to always tell this to a bride just before she made her entrance. Another minute will make no difference to the schedule and because the senses are usually heightened at this time it will be something you can recall many years later.

LOOK AT EACH OTHER: when you are saying your vows and take your time. This after all is the main event.

CONSIDER A WINTER WEDDING: be a little different with a snow and ice theme.

TAKE CANDID PICTURES: by placing disposable cameras on all your reception tables. It not only brakes the ice with guests who may not know each other very well and you get to see the 'fun' shots that happened through out the evening.

LIGHTING: is usually not at the top of the list when planning a wedding but it can and does make such a difference. Ask you venue if they can provide any lighting effects. According to your budget of course it may be possible to go to town with lighted anagrams etc.......!!

SECURE THE GIFT MONEY BOX: and have a person responsible for it all day and evening of your wedding. We do not want to have any panics about losing it anywhere.

BOOK PROFESSIONAL ENTERTAINERS: if at all possible. Of course your budget has to allow this but there are all forms of entertaining your guests which will make your wedding memorable. Here are some of the more unusual one I have experienced:

Cartoon artist with quick caricatures of guests.
Artist with watercolour picture of the reception as it unfolds
Belly dancers/Bollywood dancers/Ballroom dancers
Mariachi band
Master cigar roller demonstrating and giving out cigars
Accordian player with requests around reception tables.

I'm sure you can think of many more ...........what interest you?

LAST ONE .........try to remember that planning your wedding should feel like an exciting chain of events leading up to a grand finale. Savour each step and keep a diary of your progress and feelings as a keepsake for the future.

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