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Wedding-Wisdom-Course-for-Brides-flowers and ice pictureI am often asked to keep secrets. Sometimes it is to surprise the bride on the day with a gift from her groom. It could be to surprise the parents on the day with special gifts from the couple. This particular secret was to organize a wedding and the bride knew nothing of it!

Not only was the wedding going to be a complete surprise for the bride but she would be traveling from the UK to Canada thinking she was on vacation. Her hopeful groom had managed to tell her all kinds of white lies about packing a ‘nice’ outfit as they were going to a ‘posh dinner dance’ whilst they were away.

Really, as the years go by with this wedding tale it always makes me smile. The groom made all the secret phone calls from their garage. He chose EVERYTHING from the flowers to flavour of the cake, the accommodation, the wine for the celebration meal............EVERYTHING.......and she knew nothing about it!!!! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Every so often I would panic and say to him....”but what if she says no?”. He was 100% convinced that would never happen and she would just love it so in the main I just had to accept his word and ‘go along’ with it. Bugging him every few weeks with the question,” What if she says no’?? What if she really says no????

Well, the day arrived I was going to meet up with them to obtain their license.... He told me he was going to ask her marry him about twenty minutes before we were due to meet up. I was really nervous...what if she said yes but hated the flowers, the venue, the cake. All chosen for her??? Oh dear. What if she had said no and caused a scene because she had not been involved in organizing her own wedding? If either of these scenarios had happened I could understand her reasons. Just a few more minutes for the jury to be out..............Well, I need not have been nervous. He was correct all along! What a happy bride to be she was. In fact effervescent would be the right way to describe her. She loved her flowers, cake in fact EVERYTHING ...that was prepared and chosen for her. Thank goodness for that.

After the wedding she confided in me that there was a little twist in the tale. She knew he was making rather a lot of phone calls from the garage secretly. Easily detected as she was the one who paid the telephone bills! At first she thought the worst and he was having an affair but she traced the number, worked out why he was making so many calls to me, put two and two together and then graciously played along allowing him his moment of glory!!!! Isn’t love grand!!!

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