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Wedding-Wisdom-Course for Brides bagpipers pictureAre you thinking of the bagpipes for your wedding? Fantastic and dramatic choice, let me tell you of a bagpipe entrance I will never forget. I have organised many weddings where the bride is piped in by traditional bagpipe music which always adds to the drama.(Remember that the original use of the Scottish bagpipes was to terrify the opposition as they charged into battle, Braveheart movie style). Bagpipes are pretty hard to ignore and certainly catch everyones attention, but there was one occasion that really stands out for me, in fact I still get goose bumps when I think about it. I witnessed an amazing scene of true Scots folk which unveiled itself in the massive crowds of summer peak tourist Season at the famous Chateau Lake Louise.

It was not a huge wedding by any means, around forty guests. All the men wore their different tartan kilts and strategically placed themselves grouped in their clans around the hotel so that as the bagpiper and bride passed by the clans joined in the entourage.

Now you may be thinking that sounds lovely but why so special? Well let me explain. It was approximately an eight minute walk from the annex in which the bridal room was located to the actual ceremony room on the first floor, passing through the main lobby, lounges and shops. As each minute passed the noise of the bagpipes vibrated seemingly for miles stopping tourists, hotel guests and staff who came to a complete halt to watch the proceedings. Literally hundreds of people were just frozen and mesmerized by the thunder of the pipes watching the regal way all the clans joined the bride to make her entrance. Even Deborah the famous resident harpist at the Chateau stopped playing giving the Bagpipes centre stage.

It was an amazing spectacle, a kaleidoscope of different tartans complete with bride and bagpipes in the spotlight. Tourists love all of this kind of thing, men in skirts etc especially North Americans. Who knows they may have even thought it was a spectacle provided by the hotel. It really was worthy of a Hollywood movie but made all the better by the fact that it was all real.

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