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Turn Wedding Stress into Wedding Serenity


wedding wisdom guide for brides wedding stress blog pictureWedding stress seems to be an inevitable component when planning a wedding. I remember planning a wedding for a bride who was a GP and she remarked how she now understood why she had so many visits from young brides to be. Stress by its self is a fact of life and in moderate amounts can be useful as it makes us get things done and enables us to keep on track in the busy lives we all seem to lead. When the balance shifts from stress to distress that is when the problems can begin.

In the main your wedding stress level will depend on your personality type and life experiences but there are some tried and tested methods of helping to reduce stress which not only apply to when you are planning your wedding but long after that to keep you well balanced and healthy. You probably know about most of them but it is good to be reminded anyway, so here we go!!!

Hazel's sensible plan for wedding serenity:

1. Rely On Friends.

Let your friends help .Don't try to do everything yourself. Accept that they may have a slightly different way of doing things to you. Try not to over direct them ( good friends are precious you want to keep them long after the wedding is over.)

2. Have Realistic Expectations.

Don't expect perfection in every area including yourself.

3. Find an Outlet

Really, really important to have some kind of activity going on to switch your mind away from just thinking 'weddings' all the time. Wether it's an escape to enjoy a movie, going to your tap dancing, karate class or having a brisk walk round the block for twenty minutes in some fresh air. Moving around is great way to feel better. Give it a try, go for a quick walk outside when you feel the stress building up when you return you will feel calmer! I promise!

4. Sensible Eating

There is so much advice out there on how to eat properly I will not even try to compete, I will just give you advice that I know works for me:

a) Never skip breakfast .........My healthy breakfast is instant porridge made with milk topped with fresh fruit.
b) Choose brightly coloured food it usually means they are rich in antioxidants. ........I love sweet potatoes, raspberries and blue berries.
c) Eat every few hours rather that go all day with nothing and then have a large meal. .......I have a bowl with nuts, crackers and dried fruit if I need it.

I could go on for a while but I'm sure you get the picture that food and nutrition is important.

Oh yes I will mention one more thing about food and that is about CHOCOLATE. Who doesn't love chocolate? Dark chocolate is good for you......yes it is! The higher the chocolate content the better so look at the label and a couple of squares of dark chocolate (not a couple of bars) when the fancy takes you is jut fine!!

5. Get Sleep

Experts agree that getting a good nights sleep goes a long way towards good health. Of course it does! We all fell better after a good nights sleep don't we? Sleep experts say the best natural solution is to set up a nightly habit before retiring and sticking to it is the way to have a sound and restful night.

6. Do Not Lose your Sense of Humour.

Keep perspective on everything, especially if small things go wrong. These are the fun stories you will share with friends at your dinner parties long after the wedding is over.

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