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Hazel Anderson 20th January 2013

‘The Art of a good Marriage’ poem is a very popular passage and is especially close to my heart because this is ‘the one’ I chose to read out at my eldest daughters wedding. I know these words inside out and I am comfortable standing in front of an audience; but to stand in front of my little girl reading this aloud on her wedding day took every ounce of courage and energy...[more]


Hazel Anderson 2nd January 2013

I am often asked to keep secrets. Sometimes it is to surprise the bride on the day with a gift from her groom. It could be to surprise the parents on the day with special gifts from the couple. This particular secret was to organize a wedding and the bride knew nothing of it! [more]


Hazel Anderson 17th December 2012

There is so much information out there giving practical advice on 'what to do' for a seamless happy wedding day I thought I would mention some of my experiences on what 'NOT TO DO' instead. All real people and real wedding situations. Show some restraint or better still just don’t do it!! Believe me it’s not a pretty site when I had to hold back the hair of a bride...[more]

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Hazel Anderson 13th December 2012

Pamela and Michael first met each other when they were barely out of their teens.They had a short romance,split up and went their separate ways for almost a decade. They bumped into each other again after some “growing up” (their words not mine) the light dawned that they were meant to be together. I was just watching “When Harry met Sally” again last night, a common...[more]


Hazel Anderson 2nd December 2012

A little bit like the music charts, some weddings just a have a special place in my memory and worth sharing. The following wedding stories are ones which have stuck with me for as many reasons as there are emotions. Happy,sad,nervous, grumpy,organized, know what I am taking about so here is the first of of my ‘Chart Topper Weddings’...[more]

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Hazel Anderson 30th November 2012

This is another favourite reading or poem of mine.
I always think the words apply not only to the wedding day itself but throughout a marraige to act as a reminder of how to communicate and respect our partners....[more]

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