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The Wedding Wisdom 2013 Course

Wedding Wisdom's course for Brides To Be is a unique, fun, and interactive course delivered by experienced planners to help you weave your way through the mountain of bridal information available. Over the weekend we cover what you need to know to plan a wedding and more importantly we give you the knowledge and expertise to make sure it is a wedding personal to you, a wedding that you will remember for the rest of your life, feel proud of and give your guests something to talk about!

Wedding Wisdom's course is a fully inclusive weekend of lecturettes, practical activities using workbooks and interactive demonstrations to empower Brides To Be to plan their own dream wedding. The course is complete in its approach and relaxed in its delivery and remember, you can ask any questions to our experienced planners all weekend!

We have split the course into 10 distinct sessions. From the minute you arrive to the minute you leave we talk Weddings! Weddings! Weddings!

Course Inclusions:

  • Tea and Coffee upon Arrival

  • Lunch, Snacks and Evening Meal on Day 1

  • 1 Night Hotel Accommodation

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch and Snacks throughout day 2

  • Course Material and Binder

  • Tuition from experienced planners

Course Outline:


  • Session 1: The Dream

  • Session 2: The Reality

  • Session 3: Your Suppliers

  • Session 4: Get Organised

  • Session 5: Themes and Decor

  • Session 6: Making your Guests Welcome

  • Session 7: Evening Receptions

  • Session 8: Pre and Post Wedding

  • Session 9: You are Unique

  • Session 10: Ask Away

Course Details

Session 1: The Dream

Most of us have dreamed of what our wedding would be like and this develops over time into what we perceive as our 'ideal wedding'. In this first session of the course we encourage participants to explore their ideal. This means many things to many people, this could be the people that 'need' to be invited, the venue, the colour scheme, or 'The Dress'. We look at ways to create wish lists and identify common trends, we look at what a wedding is and the roles of the wedding party and how all of these things influence your dream wedding.

Session 2: The Reality

While many of us have in our minds our dream wedding, most of us do not have unlimited budgets. This is the reality session, the balancing of wish list and budget. We show you ways that you can make choices about your wedding without it feeling like a sacrifice. We include tips and advice on making the most of your budget and investing in the items that are most important to you. You will leave this session with tools to enable you to face your wedding choices in a positive and empowered way. This will let you stay in control of your day and your budget while still incorporating those elements most special to you to create your perfect day. 

Session 3: Your Suppliers

Having a good receptive relationship with your wedding suppliers is key to having a smooth running wedding day. This session is all about these special people who will turn your dream and budget into venues, flowers and food. We will cover traditional suppliers associated with weddings like venues, florists, caterers, photographers in some detail. We also cover more obscure suppliers how to find them and how to talk to them about your requirements so they understand your vision. With all suppliers we will cover, how to find and choose them, manage expectations, understand standard contracts, attention to cancellation and attrition policies and how to get them to work together for your big day. 

Session 4: Get Organised

In our experience the most stressful weddings are disorganised weddings. Wedding wisdom in this session will share tried and tested wedding planning schedules with all participants. We will share our experience and give you tips on how to mould these schedules to suit you and your personality while always ensuring you have covered all your bases and sleep soundly in the run up to your big day. We share both long term planning and detailed 'day of' planning schedules designed with you in mind. Surprises sometimes happen, we will share our tips on how to handle these and minimise the risk of these happening on your special day. You will leave our course not only with a wealth of knowledge but also printed course content to take away and use for your wedding.

Session 5: Themes and Décor

This is a creative session where we look at fashions and trends, quirky styles and traditional ideas on themeing and decorating your wedding. We look at real life weddings, translate current fashions and personality into themes and explore the possibilities of decor. We share our experience of creating a themed thread through your wedding, maintaining that thread from start to finish to set your wedding apart and reflect your personal style throughout.

Session 6: Making your Guests Welcome

Your wedding is your special day and so too are the people you decide to share it with. This is a Wedding Wisdom micro topic that includes Invitations Welcome drinks and personal cocktails Seating Plans Guest Numbers Guest considerations (including special diets, access for all, children.) Gift Lists.

Session 7: Evening Receptions

This session takes place over our evening meal where four Wedding Wisdom Lecturettes will be delivered, Lecturette 1: Making an Entrance – and an exit! Lecturette 2: Wedding Wisdom's Guide to Speeches. Lecturette 3: Evening Entertainment. Lecturette 4: Music Choices and First dances.

Session 8: Pre and Post Wedding

We at wedding wisdom not only cover planning your wedding,we also look at how to plan a stag and Hen party and preparing for your honeymoon. As part of this session we also look at handling families and diffusing possible awkward situations before your wedding so they don't happen on your special day. We also look at the legalities of getting married.

Session 9: You are Unique

Every wedding we have ever had the privilege to attend (600+ at last count) has been unique in some way to the couple getting married. In this session will explore how to make your wedding personal and unique to you. For some it is specific themeing (A Harley Davidson theme for example) for some its flying to an exotic destination and getting married on a beach, for others it is music choices or handwritten heartfelt vows written by the couples themselves. There are many ways to make your wedding YOUR Wedding and we will help you discover what this means to you.

Session 10: Ask Away

As the title suggests we have set aside time for your questions at the end course. We also welcome questions by email after you have attended the course and digested all the information.


Our 2013 Course Dates

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